5 Haziran 2018
7 Haziran 2018

Ara Güler doc finalist in Greek festival


AA photo

World renowned Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler’s documentary film, “The Eye of Istanbul,” has become a finalist at the International Thessaloniki Film Festival. 

Produced by Ümran Safter, the documentary will premiere in the U.S. and Greece in March. Recently, the documentary was also chosen as a finalist at the Washington Film Festival.

The “Eye of Istanbul” tells the story of Güler in conjunction with the preparatory stages of a retrospective exhibition of his in Istanbul. The documentary follows a non-linear narrative and explores the artistic process and the impulses that lead to his works of art. Güler’s curiosity, resourcefulness and fearlessness – all of which play a part in making him who he is – are showcased through a series of stories in the film.

The core team members behind the film are co-directors Fatih Kaymak and Binnur Karaevli, Director of Photography Zafer Bir, Script Writer Ahsen Diner, Editor Engin Yıldız, Composer Derya Türkan and Project Consultant Nezih Tavlas.–94416

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