Ekim Medya is a multiple international award-winning independent film production company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Founded by Ümran Safter and Suraj Sharma, Ekim Medya produces innovative, high-quality documentary films, feature films and commercial videos. The company also provides end-to-end tailored production services using state-of-the-art equipment and technology for domestic and international documentary and movie productions.

Our award-winning work to date includes:

“The Eye of Istanbul” (Best of Fest Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2016).

Sevan the Craftsman” (Best National Documentary TRT Documentary Awards 2018. Best Audience Award Boston Turkish film Festival 2019, Best Documentary Frankfurt Turkish Film festival 2020) 

“The Sin of Being a Woman”(Best Documentary Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival, 2019)

“On the Wings of Hope “(Human Rights Award Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, 2020)

“Leave The Door Open” (Official Selection Washington DC Independent Film Festival, USA Film Festival 2021).